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Learn math with fun games! Mathy is the mathematic app for kids. More than a learning tool, a resource for parents to learn alongside their children.

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The personal mathematic teacher

15,000 + exercises

AI based

Privacy protection

Weekly reports

Using Artificial intelligence to build better e-learning models

Personalized learning

Mathy’s exercises adapt lessons to your children’s learning level.

Master Arithmetics

Focus on counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Tutoring Time

A virtual tutor identify weak points and offers step by step help to your children.

Progress Reports

Mathy will share with you weekly performance insights and areas of improvement.

Exercises from K-Grade to 5th Grade

Counting and Cardinality



Missing Numbers

Number Associations




Operation Properties

Shapes and Fractions

Different Denominators

Expanded Form

Parentheses Expressions

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